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Revisiting work…

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Back in October I shot a McLaren MP4-12C. I had been dying to shoot this car for a long time and I had been waiting 3 Months to shoot it. On the day of the shoot, the weather was threatening to turn for the worst and taunting us with spattering’s of rain. Which finally ended in us being snowed off of the shoot. I got maybe 10 minutes to shoot this car.

Here is the original edit from the shoot.


And here is my re-edit:



I think I know where I went wrong. As I normally shoot portraits, I tend to under expose the background and then light the subject to make them pop off the background. That is what I started to do with the McLaren. Except I made a massive mistake, the McLaren is black.

It seems so obvious now but making a background darker to match a dark car will make them blend into each other.

I went through my exposures and found one where the background was at a better exposure and then used far less exposures to “build” the car. In the end, I had used 3 different exposures. From memory I think I used 5 for the original.
So less really is more.

I think now, the car separates itself nicely away from the background. I am much happier now with the image. I will be going back to visit this car in the summer which will mean a full feature so do stay tuned!

I hope you like it.




Image Breakdown: Crystal

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As it was requested, here is another image breakdown. Nothing special in terms of editing here, just good exposure and pleasing white balance. A lot of the credit here can be taken by the location. Carnaby Street in London is one of my favourite locations for street portraits.

I positioned Crystal in front of a bright shop front using the lighting from the store front as a key light, standing her inthe middle of the street also added for nice symmetry across the image.

That’s about it.



Image Breakdown: Walton Smith

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Now considering the poor shape this photo started out as, I thought I would share a breakdown on how I salvaged it. Here is an animated gif of the whole process:

But where most of the work was done is in the RAW conversion.

As you can see it is quite obvious what I rejected this image in the first place.

Here are some of the settings I used to rescue this image.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little breakdown.