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Strobes Indoors

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It has dawned on me recently that I use my strobes predominantly outdoors. Well this weekend the weather was foul and I was itching to make some photos.


Fortunately for me, my girlfriend and Jermaine were both around and willing to co-operate. We shot these in my bedroom against a painted slate grey wall. Lighting was provided by a 28″ Westcott Apollo Softbox which was camera left and the slightest bit of fill was provided camera right with 30″ silver reflector.


I kept the lighting soft and with deep shadows which is becoming my preferred style. The vignette on the wall is about 90% natural, it is a byproduct of the light fall-off from the softbox. If you look at the photos full size (click on the images) you will see that these were shot wide open on my 50mm so you get that lovely depth of field.


I am really happy with how these have come out, I will definitely be using this wall in the future.

A bit of information for the gear heads out there:

Canon 50D + Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM lens – ISO100 – 1/250th – f/1.4
Canon 430EX II @ 1/32 Power in a 28″ Westcott Apollo Softbox camera left 1 meter away from subject triggered by Hahnel Combi TF triggers
30″ Silver reflector camera right about 2 meters away from the subject.



Image Breakdown: Lotus

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I shot this outside my flat at a time when I only had 1 flash unit. Naturally that isn’t quite enough to light up a whole car in a single exposure. So I had to do multiple exposure. I thought I would show you how it was done.

lotusThanks for watching,