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Published Work – Gatebil Magazine

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2016 has been a year of polar opposites, work wise I have been incredibly busy, photographically I have been very quiet. I have shot much less but what I have shot has gone much further. Because I have been shooting for clients and not myself a lot of my work has remained on hard drives until they have been published. In July I attended an event called GATEBIL at Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway. If that name rings a bell, it is because I went last year which you can see here. This is hands down my favourite motorsport event I have ever had the pleasure of attending and this year I got the extreme honour of shooting for their own magazine, predictably called GATEBIL MAGAZINE. I was tasked to shoot several feature cars, one of which is this super rare, Steatlh B7 which is one of one! What I didn’t know until this month was that I made the front cover. And I don’t mean I got a small picture on the front cover…I GOT THE MAIN IMAGE! Thanks guys! Anyway, here is a few images that didn’t make the cut. Thanks to Jan Øivind Ruud and Team RR for being so helpful during the shoot and thanks to Kaj Alver for getting me the gig.













Attack the Night

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Now if you cast your mind back, you may remember that I have previously encountered Time Attack whilst I was at TRAX. Well from that point onwards I wanted to see a little bit more about it. You see I didn’t know much about the sport itself, in fact I had barely heard of it. All I know is it involved bat shit crazy cars. And I then found out I could see them again at Brands Hatch in November. Only this time, it would be in the run during the night. Cool huh!? I have shot cars many times before but never at night! A new challenge presents itself!

I was doubly excited about attending this event. Brands Hatch used to be one of the tracks that I attended when I was a child with my Dad, so there was the nostalgic side to it as well as the excitement of shooting a night race.

The cars had been running throughout the day to finish off the Time Attack Championship but once that was wrapped up and the sun started setting it was time to go see the beasts stirring in the pits. This was great, these were proper race cars. Not your average drift car here, some of the engine bays were lined with gold!




Some how, during the night, the cars sounded even louder! I am not sure if this was due to the cooler air allowing the engines to breather more efficiently or whether having your eyesight hindered made your ears more sensitive.





Standing on the inside of druids was pretty awesome too! The cars were hard on the brakes on entry and groping for the apex, hard on the power out! It was pitch black and hard to focus on, well anything at all to be honest. A lot of other photographers were struggling too resorting to using their flashes (silly them)…



…although a bit of flash panning was good fun. Notice how the background is blurry and the car is static? That is due to the flash lasting for just 1/3200th of a second which will illuminate and therefore freeze the car whilst the slow shutter speed is sucking all the ambient light where the flash can’t reach. Strange isn’t it.


Anyway I hope you enjoyed something new from. There is a much longer blog post up on Fueltopia who is the media team I shoot for.