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Halloween – behind the scenes

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How’s it going guys, did you have a good Halloween? Have fun during Guy Fawkes night? Well as usual on Halloween, Amy and I put on a little photoshoot to celebrate old hallow’s eve. I even bought a smoke machine for the occasion. Previously I had used smoke pellets and they work great but they just burn a little too hot which always makes me a little nervous and scorching the ground or setting fire to a model.

This year we headed down to my parent’s house and roped my sister into joining. Amy and Clare went for a gothic witch look where as I bought some props to look like Jason from Friday 13th. Here are Clare and Amy’s finest efforts:





And there here is some of me:

jason_001 lighting_diagram_01 jason_002 lighting_diagram_02 jason_003 lighting_diagram_03

Clearly this is a strobist (off camera lighting) setup so for each photo I also included a lighting diagram along with the camera settings to help you if you wanted to create something like this at home.





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Last year my girlfriend Amy (Vintage Reflection) and I put on a a little photoshoot with some friends for Halloween. We had a laugh, it was good fun and we definitely needed to do it again. On the run up to Halloween this year I started looking for inspiration. Not going to lie, it was around June that I started looking! I was looking at Benjamin Von Wong’s work and came across this absolutely awesome blog post on Ultra Violet light. I then saw the good humored review on DigitalRev which also featured UV light.


Ok so now I had the lighting style that I wanted in my head, I then needed to work out no how to use this and what lights to get. So I set about researching the lights it would seem that ultraviolet lights do not put out a great deal of light. So I would need a few different lights to give me the flexibility I need, I order two of these bulbs and then one of these strip lights and to attach the smaller bulbs to light stands I got these rather handy clips.


Make-up well, that was a no brainer really, UV make up was the obvious choice but what should we do? Well Amy and I sat and looked through lots on ideas on Pintrest and settled on Sugar Skulls from Day of the Dead. Our mate Jermaine, well he fancied the idea of a Joker, I think both ideas were great and lent themselves really well do the UV lighting.


During the shoot we played around with exposure times, getting some motion blur into the shots. Moving the strip around, lighting from beneath and above gave some different effects too. I just wish I had the flash heads that Benjamin Von Wong was using, sadly I don’t have £10k to drop on them. I had actually wanted to use rear curtain sync with my flash guns to try different lighting style but sadly my triggers won’t allow me to do that. That being said in hindsight, I could have manually popped the flash on a long exposure. Next time yeah?


Anyway, hoped you like them, I had a laugh making them.

If you liked these ones, why don’t you check out what I shot last year.



Somerset House

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So what do you when you go to Somerset House? Well this weekend Amy and I headed down to the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition thanks to Park Cameras. The exhibition had some stunning pieces and some great photo-journalistic pieces. I didn’t photograph all of my favourites as I think it kind of spoils the point. I’ll be honest if I hadn’t had to do some weekend overtime at the studio and there wasn’t as many people there, I would have spent wayyyy more time looking around there. SO what else happened? Well someone got engaged (aww/puke – delete as appropriate) and I photographed some water. We also went for some coffee in the lovely (if rather expensive) Fernandez & Wells (it wasn’t that pricey). We rounded off the trip by taking some outfit photos for Amy’s blog

somerset_house_002 somerset_house_003 somerset_house_005 somerset_house_006 somerset_house_007 somerset_house_008 somerset_house_009 somerset_house_010 somerset_house_011 somerset_house_012SHOOTINGDAVE