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Why YOU should print your images

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At the risk of sounding like an antiquated old man (I’m 32), the digital age is a marvelous thing, it allows you to take photos and see them instantly, quickly share them and broaden your audience. It the same vein, it is also a bad thing, attention spans are somewhat limited to a few seconds before happily swiping on. Images you have poured your heart into are rarely given the attention they really need. And this is fine for the most part, not every photo requires your full undivided attention.

BUT, when you have an image you really love, or one that is close to your heart for some reason, don’t let it remain forever on your hard drive or your phone. Get those images printed and up on your wall.

You may remember from an earlier blog post that I had hard drive failure and lost a tonne of photos. I won’t go into it again, you can read the post if you want to know more. But it sucked. Anyway, I’d been wanting to print my images for a long time and this was a major driving force behind getting it done. Check out my video on my thoughts below.