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Dip & Flip

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Welcome to Dip & Flip; Dipping Gravy, Flipping Burgers is their game and I kid you not, this is some of the most indulgent food I have EVER consumed! EVER! If I was wearing a hat, I would doff it to them.


Based in the heart of Clapham, near Clapham Junction these guys serve up burger big enough for those with an appetite the size of a Borough. If this isn’t exactly local to you then I strongly urge you to consider making the pilgrimage. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


On my first (and so far only) visit, the anticipation was killing me. This had been on my list of places to eat for a while! First thing’s first, what to drink?


I made the rather bold decision to go for a milkshake. Odd considering this was in the middle of January. But by God! These milkshakes are worth visiting for alone! What was the food going to be like?


As I mentioned earlier, properly indulgent! After trying to figure out the best way to hoist the burger to my face I just thought, “sod it” and grabbed it in all it’s juicy goodness! It is something you just have to deal with. You will get messy. They know that, there’s no shame in it. There is even kitchen roll on the tables!


I opted for the “Dip & Flip Burger” with beef on top… There are no other words for it, it was EPIC. I also went for some fries with squeezy cheese on top. So wrong yet SO RIGHT!!! Seemingly all meat has been dipped in gravy (hence the tag line) but you also get an extra dish of gravy with all your food.


For me, eating burgers has been revolutionised! This is good! This is perfect for a hangover. This is ideal for when you have a hunger you just cannot satisfy! And best of all, it ain’t that expensive!


Well done Dip & Flip – I will be back!



The Music Cube

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A while back myself and Amy went down Westfield at Stratford to take part in the Music Cube. We were given minimal information, just a time slot and a date. All we know about the event was that it was a slight twist on the silent disco concept.


The idea behind it was that there would be an artist, in a sound proof cube, and we would be standing out it listening through a set of rather tasty Sennheiser URBANITE headphones. The dance floor that we were standing on would also pulse and vibrate to the music. I was expecting full on earth quake scale vibrations but the slick thing was, they were subtle enough for you not to realise. The idea was to get you to dance by feeling the music.




Now as you might have gathered the artist was the talented and super cute Chloe Howl. I have to hand it to her, she sounded awesome, super clean sound and a tight band.









So what was the experience like? Did the concept work? Well it isn’t quite the same as being at an actual gig BUT… the vibrating dance floor got moving, the sound was incredible. It was more like standing in the studio with the artist, the sound was so clean that it didn’t matter where you stood on the dance floor. Personally I loved shooting through the glass with all the reflections. I thought it made for some interesting shots. I also think shooting a singer is pretty cool, lots of emotion and expression going on. What did you think?






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Last year my girlfriend Amy (Vintage Reflection) and I put on a a little photoshoot with some friends for Halloween. We had a laugh, it was good fun and we definitely needed to do it again. On the run up to Halloween this year I started looking for inspiration. Not going to lie, it was around June that I started looking! I was looking at Benjamin Von Wong’s work and came across this absolutely awesome blog post on Ultra Violet light. I then saw the good humored review on DigitalRev which also featured UV light.


Ok so now I had the lighting style that I wanted in my head, I then needed to work out no how to use this and what lights to get. So I set about researching the lights it would seem that ultraviolet lights do not put out a great deal of light. So I would need a few different lights to give me the flexibility I need, I order two of these bulbs and then one of these strip lights and to attach the smaller bulbs to light stands I got these rather handy clips.


Make-up well, that was a no brainer really, UV make up was the obvious choice but what should we do? Well Amy and I sat and looked through lots on ideas on Pintrest and settled on Sugar Skulls from Day of the Dead. Our mate Jermaine, well he fancied the idea of a Joker, I think both ideas were great and lent themselves really well do the UV lighting.


During the shoot we played around with exposure times, getting some motion blur into the shots. Moving the strip around, lighting from beneath and above gave some different effects too. I just wish I had the flash heads that Benjamin Von Wong was using, sadly I don’t have £10k to drop on them. I had actually wanted to use rear curtain sync with my flash guns to try different lighting style but sadly my triggers won’t allow me to do that. That being said in hindsight, I could have manually popped the flash on a long exposure. Next time yeah?


Anyway, hoped you like them, I had a laugh making them.

If you liked these ones, why don’t you check out what I shot last year.



Tweat Up #NationalBurgerDay


Tweat Up played host to what can only be described as the single BEST event I have ever been too… #NationalBurgerDay

Sat in the lap of Battersea Power Station were 12 of the best burger joints from across the land serving what can only be described as meat porn. Fellow #Fueltographer Phil “Paps” McCusker had snagged some tickets and asked me if I wanted to go. We both knew the answer to that question. I needed very little persuading. In recent years Burgers have overtaken Fajitas and Pizza in my favourite kind of food. I literally couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Armed with my 5D and my olloclip I made a B line straight for the event straight after work. Naturally the event had attracted a lot of other people, when I arrived after work there were queues that were at least 30 minutes long for any of the 12 burger stands. Luckily, with good company and Meantime Beer on tap this wasn’t much of an issue. Anyway, here is some pictures of meat…