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WOW, much smoke, so blur…

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Welcome to Lydden Hill Drift Day from the 22nd of March. Now I will be the first to admit, I have never been to a practice day. I never really saw the point, I mean why go? I’d rather go to a round of the British Drift Championship… Well my ignorance was not warranted. A practice day means that a lot of the tension in the atmosphere is lost, people are all about having fun and skidding with mates. There is also a lot more cars and a lot of different skill levels. It also means you can see your mates skid (if they can actually do so).  I will hand on heart say that I will be back and go again, I had a blast! And by the looks of the skidding, so did the drivers.
























British Drift Championship Round 2 – Pembrey

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A couple of weeks ago I (8th-9th of June) I went on a road trip with my fellow #Fueltographer to sunny South Wales. It took us 8.5 hours to drive from London to get there. Mainly due to the fact that there was so many crashes and incidents on the M4. As soon as we got there, it was time to sink a few beers and get an early night as we would need to be at the track early the following morning.

Paul ChesireI was rather excited about this weekend for a number of reasons. Chiefly due to the fact that it was due to be brilliant sunshine all weekend! And it was! It hit 26 degrees centigrade on the Saturday!

Wesley Keating

Other reasons were due to the fact this was a new circuit (to me) and I had some new gear to try out. I had recently bought myself some new Hoya Filters (ND and CPL) as well as getting a new lens, the Canon 70-200mm f/4 L USM – and yes I will be doing a review on this lens at a later date.


There were also a few new drivers which I was stoked about. Above you can see Teemu in his insane Mercedes…this thing was BOKNERS!

BDC Round 2 - Pembrey

After scoping out some decent places to shoot I decided to try and capture a different perspective and…


I tried some ultra-wide pans (it’s not actually that wide, I think it was at 24mm)

Red LineI also had a goat under exposing the cars too. I really liked this effect, super dramatic.

Although I do feel my technique will need to be improved and adjusted to make it work better.


Then it was time to get a little silly. This was shot at 1/5th of a second…


And this was shot a 1 second. I am determined that one day I will nail a 1 second pan.

Anyway, I thought I would share these pictures with you. Keep an eye out for the reviews of the gear in the future.

Full set of photos here: CLICK ME

Full write up is here: CLICK ME



Image Breakdown: Walton Smith

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Now considering the poor shape this photo started out as, I thought I would share a breakdown on how I salvaged it. Here is an animated gif of the whole process:

But where most of the work was done is in the RAW conversion.

As you can see it is quite obvious what I rejected this image in the first place.

Here are some of the settings I used to rescue this image.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little breakdown.


Maxxis British Drift Championship: Round 4 – Lydden Hill


First things first, Lydden Hill rocks! FACT!

I have been coming to Lydden Hill ever since I was a kid, mainly to watch Rally Cross. The Drift Event in question was therefore going to be a special one. So like an idiot, I turned up hungover.

DON’T WORRY! Nothing serious amounts of horespower and tire smoke cannot cure!

The adrenaline soon kicked and once I again I was standing in the middle of a track with cars hurtling themselves at impossible angles into the corners, linking them together and then screaming down the track to finish the short but brutal battle. This is Lydden Hill, this is the British Drift Championship and it is good to be back!

I have always been a big motorsport and car fan but there is something quite special about the controlled hooliganism that is drifting. I say “controlled” as there is no way you can do what they do by accident!

Standing in the middle of the track is a great feeling, the sound undulates as the exhaust is blasted at you then bounced off of the surround hills at Lydden. The tire smoke then wafts over you like fog.

Enough talking I let some of the pictures do the talking…

This was my first time covering the British Drift Championship and I have to say it was a lot of fun. This was my second drift event I never realised how a different a track could be to photograph from the other. It was great to be back at Lydden, being familiar with the track layout, walking out onto the track for the first time was a bit of a buzz too! I have literally seen thousands of cars race here and I have a lot of fond memories. I also found out what it feels like to get rained on by the gravel trap… I’ll save you the effort of finding out for yourself, it hurts.

I was really happy with how the day turned out, even if I was hungover and sunburnt haha. There is nothing like standing in the middle of a track with familiar faces, shooting these awesome machines! I met more of the guys from fueltopia who are accepting me into their talented family and I will hopefully be doing a lot more for them in the future! Thanks guys.

Now there are more images over on my flickr page which I suggest you go and check them out:

Also if you like what you see and want to keep up to date with more of what is going on then why not become a fan:

And be sure to head over to fueltopia for more coverage from this event: