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Richmond Park


On the weekend we headed down to Richmond Park in West London. I have to say it was pretty awesome, the light was perfect the air was crisp. Here are some photos from our afternoon.

richmond_park_011 richmond_park_010 richmond_park_007 richmond_park_006 richmond_park_003 richmond_park_001 richmond_park_012I am no stranger to Richmond Park, I often frequent this place during the summer to ride my fixie around it with my mates. If you have never been before, I strongly urge you to visit. It is awesome!




Winter Sun


A redeeming feature of winter is when it is drenched in that golden glow from the low sun on a clear day.
winter_sun_006I love how the warm light shifts towards the cool skies at this time of year.
winter_sun_010I’ll be honest, I despise this time of year, dark mornings, dark evenings and a relentless onslaught of drizzle and overcast skies. It seems a monumental struggle to find any inspiration in this time of year.
So when on the rare occasion the sun does come out it offers some stunning light. I suppose it is making up for making this time of year as miserable as possible.
winter_sun_007 winter_sun_008 winter_sun_001I cannot wait for summer but days like this make the enduring months, that more endurable. Also, check out all those flares ❤


Olympic Candids

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Last weekend I went to Hyde Park ahead of travelling down to Kent for a Drift Event. Whilst sitting down watching Brazil vs. Mexico in the football, I decided to snap off a few candids of the croud. The conditions were perfect. Low warm sun and clear days. People sat down and distracted and in a dense crowd. The 135L made light work of isolating people through the crowd.

Sitting in the park a choosing my targets reminded me why I love shooting candids with the 135L so much. There is a very special quality to this lens, now all I need to do is find more crowds of people.