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Drift Allstars: The Smoke

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Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to The Smoke. The last time the capital saw this much smoke was during the Great Fire of London in 1666 and I can tell you back then it wasn’t caused by tortured rubber on scorched asphalt. The Smoke seen here today was thanks to Drift Allstars. If you follow me on facebook then you will know that I pretty fond of the event that took place in Stratford, London. However I want to show you some of my favourite shots from the weekend and why it was such a good weekend for me. During the course of the weekend I decided to change my shooting style a little bit. I was armed with a 300mm f/4 L IS USM lens and for the most part of Saturday, it did not leave my camera. This meant that I was shooting with slightly faster shutter speeds than I normally would use. Consequentially I ended up with far more “keepers” than normal. So when I returned on that Sunday I thought that as I had covered a lot of the “safe” shots that I wanted, I could spend the day dicking about. I therefore proceeded to use all the lenses I had with me which was my trusty 50mm f/1.4 USM – my beloved 135mm f/2 L USM and the 300mm f/4 L IS USM which rent from Lens Locker. I also experimented a lot more with shutter speeds using super fast shutter speeds and some super slow shutter speeds. I think the highest I went to was 1/1250th of a second and down to 1/10th of a second. As a result I have a lot of shots that look very different and it was kind of like re-discovering photography for me. Trying new things out, making mistakes and learning. I will definitely be doing it again next time!




Smoking gets you high













Drift Allstars: Setting the scene

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Drift Allstars has FINALLY returned to London and this time the setting was the iconic Olympic stadium in Stratford. I for one was positively shaking with anticipation at what would be unleashed this weekend and it looks like I wasn’t the only one. The excitement in the air was thicker than the tyre smoke. Well almost, some of the drivers were reducing visibility down to a few meters. And more than likely shaving a few years off of life expectancy due to smoke inhalation. Did anyone mind? No! If anything it only amped the crowd up more! This time the paddock was restricted access only mean that spectators were straining to get a glimpse of the favourite drifters, during the event people were clambering on any obstacle to gain an elevation advantage over the deep crowds stacked against metal railings. The pressure was momentarily released when punters were allowed in for the drivers signing session and to get up close the weapons on display. Then nerves were once again fraught as the Top 16 battles began. I will leave the report for you to find over on Drift Allstars but it had to be one of the strangest finishes I have ever seen in drifting but congratulations to Piotr Wiecek who drove PHENOMENALLY all weekend!





Stay tuned for next installation which will showcase the talent from the weekend…



Shoreditch Fashion Show


Event photography is not normally my forte but shooting a fashion event with a band playing is something that piqued my interest.



Having a production light rig set-up to compliment the band and the models really was a treat. So much atmosphere and drama.



By the way, this event was dark, REAL DARK! In fact it was the first time that I had used my camera above ISO800! On my 50D, I hate shooting above ISO640 so when I had to shoot at ISO3200 I was concerned about the amount of noise that would be present.



I ended up really enjoying this kind of photography, it was nice to learn something new, it is good to be forced out of your comfort zone.



British Drift Championship Round 2 – Pembrey

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A couple of weeks ago I (8th-9th of June) I went on a road trip with my fellow #Fueltographer to sunny South Wales. It took us 8.5 hours to drive from London to get there. Mainly due to the fact that there was so many crashes and incidents on the M4. As soon as we got there, it was time to sink a few beers and get an early night as we would need to be at the track early the following morning.

Paul ChesireI was rather excited about this weekend for a number of reasons. Chiefly due to the fact that it was due to be brilliant sunshine all weekend! And it was! It hit 26 degrees centigrade on the Saturday!

Wesley Keating

Other reasons were due to the fact this was a new circuit (to me) and I had some new gear to try out. I had recently bought myself some new Hoya Filters (ND and CPL) as well as getting a new lens, the Canon 70-200mm f/4 L USM – and yes I will be doing a review on this lens at a later date.


There were also a few new drivers which I was stoked about. Above you can see Teemu in his insane Mercedes…this thing was BOKNERS!

BDC Round 2 - Pembrey

After scoping out some decent places to shoot I decided to try and capture a different perspective and…


I tried some ultra-wide pans (it’s not actually that wide, I think it was at 24mm)

Red LineI also had a goat under exposing the cars too. I really liked this effect, super dramatic.

Although I do feel my technique will need to be improved and adjusted to make it work better.


Then it was time to get a little silly. This was shot at 1/5th of a second…


And this was shot a 1 second. I am determined that one day I will nail a 1 second pan.

Anyway, I thought I would share these pictures with you. Keep an eye out for the reviews of the gear in the future.

Full set of photos here: CLICK ME

Full write up is here: CLICK ME



British Drift Championship Round 1 – Lydden Hill

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The weekend of the 13th and 14th of April saw the British Drift Championship return to Lydden Hill in Kent for round 1 of the coming championship. A weekend I have been eagerly awaiting since Round 4 last year – the last drifting event I shot.

I was eager to get back on track get my shutter speeds down nice and low. I also wanted to try different spots around Lydden Hill to photograph the cars (Typically I would stay in the centre of the track). My fellow #Fueltographer James (Lowmileage) Tremain and I used Saturday’s practice session to scope out the angles. I was pleased to shoot from a few different vantage points and get used to shooting in different ways. It was a pleasant learning curve.

It did however make me really want a 70-200mm lens which in my opinion is the optimal lens for the track. I also found that I really need to get a CPL filter for my 135L to cut through reflections and also help stop down the ambient light.

You can see a selection of photos from the event on my flickr page or you can see the full set on my facebook page. But let me show you something different. As you know, when panning you take a few photos, trying to get the car at the best angle and to also get some banker shots. Well I found that these can often show the full movement of the car.

I have therefore made a few animated gifs from the events:

Some people were struggling with the clipping points…


And getting quite wide but with a nice angle!



Below you can see that I actually bottle it as the car kicks up the gravel in our direction. (Trust me, it hurts)


Some people gave each other a helping hand around some of the corners…


Some drivers enthusiasm was admirable but they ran this risk of parking it in the gravel…


And I leave you with the SATS Motorsport Surpa…because…POWERRRRRRRR


Well there you are, I will post more from the season if I get any more.