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Hicklin Wedding

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Way back in the summer this year (2013) I shot a wedding for the lovely couple that is Rob and Krysten. Rob and I have known each other through twitter as he and I are both 3D Artist. We met at each other’s places of work a few times. When the news of his proposal got around he kindly asked if I would be his photographer. Naturally I was more than happy to oblige. Here a few snap shots from the day.

hicklin_wedding_001 hicklin_wedding_002 hicklin_wedding_003 hicklin_wedding_004 hicklin_wedding_005 hicklin_wedding_006 hicklin_wedding_007 hicklin_wedding_008 hicklin_wedding_009 hicklin_wedding_010 hicklin_wedding_011 hicklin_wedding_012 hicklin_wedding_013 hicklin_wedding_014



Opinion: Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L

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fof_30mm_01I am going to talk to you about my limited experience with the 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM. I hired this lens specifically for a wedding, it seems to be one of the “go to” lenses for wedding photography so I decided to see what the fuss was about. As soon as I got the lens, I decided to have a little play with it to see how it performed.

fof_70mm_01For those who know me will know that a zoom lens is not something that I am overly familiar with. I have shot with and used prime lenses since I first got into photography. I was always under the impression that you should zoom with your feet. I was also a firm believer that a primes lens does one thing very well but a zoom lens has to do a lot of things sort of well. This made me steer clear of zoom lenses for many years.

fof_24mm_01So enough of my previous hangups over zoom lenses, how does this thing perform? Well the first thing I realised was that this thing was sharp! Super quick focusing which had no problems in locking on to the target. I don’t think I have yet missed focus with this lens (I have only had it for four days).

fof_42mm_01I also found that this lens was particularly contrasty, not overly so but just the way I liked it. It also behaves as you would expect, producing nice smooth bokeh at the long end and providing adequate separation at the wide end. I should imagine shooting on a full frame camera this would open the animal in the lens a lot more. I did find shooting on a crop body a lot of fun providing me a good “normal” range of focal lengths.

fof_24mm_02I can see why so many people recommend this lens for use at weddings – it is¬†incredibly useful! With the lens being so sharp and handling flares and CA so well during the wedding, I didn’t find myself nervously groping for my prime lenses. Actually whilst we are on CA and colour fringing I have to say that this does an exceptional job. My 50mm f/1.4 USM does suffer from some colour fringing in bright light. I had no issue with that at all on the 24-70L.


Before I get too carried away with praising this lens, I did get reminded why I love shooting with prime lenses. I mounted the 135L and shot a few frames at the wedding, you cannot beat a fast prime! Nothing comes close to hitting the sweet spot on a fast prime. Those who shoot with them will know what I am on about.

I will say that with the lens, it was a lot more relaxing and dare I say it, fun. It allows you to just get on with the job without having to constantly think about framing before you even lifted the camera to your face. Even when I was taking the photos shown above, I was really enjoying being able to use different focal lengths without having to change lenses. It was nice to not have to backup an inch or two just to get the framing right.

This is starting to make me worry, I think I want this lens, primes will always have a place in my heart but I have to say I am quite taken back about this lens and would strongly consider getting one in the future. But if you are considering hiring this lens then you should definitely check out the guys at LensLocker they provide a great service and amazing value! I will be using them again. I tried to include a varied selection of focal lengths in this post. If you click on the photo and look at the title of it, it will tell you the focal length used.

Did I like it? Yes. Do I want it? Probably. Will I hire it again? Most definitely!

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