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Typical Weekend


What do I do when I am not being a #FUELTOGRAPHER ? Well I normally head into town with my girlfriend and do a spot of street photography.

london_town_001 london_town_003 london_town_004

Wondering around through town, getting dragged through shops…


I had to entertain myself. (Selfies FTW)

london_town_010 london_town_011

After browsing around the shops it’s time for coffee, before heading out to snap some candids.

london_town_008 london_town_012 london_town_013 london_town_014 london_town_015 london_town_016

Finishing up with some beard hunting! Look how happy he is! That’s because he has a beard!



Hicklin Wedding

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Way back in the summer this year (2013) I shot a wedding for the lovely couple that is Rob and Krysten. Rob and I have known each other through twitter as he and I are both 3D Artist. We met at each other’s places of work a few times. When the news of his proposal got around he kindly asked if I would be his photographer. Naturally I was more than happy to oblige. Here a few snap shots from the day.

hicklin_wedding_001 hicklin_wedding_002 hicklin_wedding_003 hicklin_wedding_004 hicklin_wedding_005 hicklin_wedding_006 hicklin_wedding_007 hicklin_wedding_008 hicklin_wedding_009 hicklin_wedding_010 hicklin_wedding_011 hicklin_wedding_012 hicklin_wedding_013 hicklin_wedding_014



Embracing the mundane

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Like millions of other commuters in London, I have to endure hot, cramped, noisy, sweaty and boring journeys across London to get to work. But here’s the thing, they needn’t be boring. I have to say that I do like to use the time to document this mundane journey. The throw away nature of apps like instagram seem to fit the bill perfectly, after all, these aren’t really photos you would hang on your wall. They are more snapshots, illustrations of the morning struggle. Have a look through…

Suddenly, commuting doesn’t seem so boring does it.



Nice memories…

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nice_beachBlue seas and even bluer skies…it hard not to see the appeal of Nice.

nice_reflectionThe place really does have something for everyone. I really enjoyed walking through the streets.

nice_buildings_01Playing with perspective on a wide angle was fun, their streets seem so much nicer than ours.

nice_streetsInevitably, these streets will lead you toward the Marina…

nice_marina_03Which is equally pleasant.



nice_boatsConsidering that there was so much wealth around the place, it didn’t look out of place or false, it seemed to wear it with some sort cool nonchalance.


You are never really more than a few feet away from some impressive architecture.



nice_panning_01Never hurts to get a little panning action in whilst on holiday…

nice_panning_02It was also a lot of fun panning with a wide angle lens, it gives a completely different look and feel to the typical long focal length pans.

nice_panningI tried not to focus on the stunning cars (and failed – you’ll see in a later post) and tried to capture the typical methods of transport in the area.

nice_roof_top_01Get on top of the Modern Art Gallery in Nice and you get full 360 panoramic views.

nice_roof_top_02Which was pretty awesome!

nice_roof_top_03Met only gripe, and this is quite anal, is that the buildings don’t finish in perfectly straight lines…which makes the photos look wonky.

nice_roof_top_04Nonetheless it was nice to get up high and have a look at the city as it sprawled in all directions.

nice_candid_02Towards the afternoon it was nice to dawdle around the square taking some candid portraits.

nice_candid_01Although as you can see, I got caught, they didn’t mind though.

Would I go back? You bet!



Well that was Nice



I have just this weekend got back from Nice in the South of France. It was a much needed break surrounded by stunning coastlines and gorgeous architecture. You don’t have to take my word for it, just have a look through some of these photos…

Well that was Nice...

This amazing panorama, was the view from our balcony in the apartment we were staying in Menton. It was quite amazing. The drive up the apartment was equally hair raising but not for the same reasons.


Naturally I wasn’t alone on this holiday, I was with my partner in crime, Amy! As well as her Dad and sister. We were to be visiting Nice, Italy, Monte Carlo and Eze. That meant a lot of driving, something I was pretty happy with! It would also mean plenty of opportunity to photograph all kinds of scenery. It also meant taking photos for fun again. It was a lot of fun.


Who knew that the 135L would make such a good landscape lens!? Well it does. What also helps is the sun setting behind the mountains causing some crazy lighting through the clouds!


It was nice to exercise the wide-angle lens that we have too. It is not typically a lens that I use often (Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5) as I prefer the compression from longer focal lengths as well as the shallow depth of field.


It was however a nice change shooting at f/8 and getting everything into the frame. These gardens really needed to be shown in their full glory! (More on these later)


I was really interested in the use of symmetry as well as bold geometric lines to brake up the organic nature of the plants and trees. It was a nice duality.


Nice, Nice was so much nicer than I was expecting, I quickly fell in love with the place! The architecture, the people, the food…just everything!


The weather also helped. It was in the high 20’s not insanely hot but just right, especially when mixed with the sea breeze.


We went to Nice about 2 or 3 times, I forget so I have a load more pictures on this place! I grew up by the sea so it really nice to be back by the coast!


But for me the most exciting reason for holidaying in this area was obvious…MONACO. Possibly the most iconic race track in the F1 calendar! And the next race is a matter of weeks away. They had already started setting up the track, Armco was being installed, the pits were being set up, grandstands erected! It was all very exciting to me!


In fact I spent so much of the time running around and squealing with excitement. Probably why I don’t have thousands of photos from this place. I’ll do a post on this place later on for sure! You would not believe the cars there!


So from the very modern F1 circuit to the medieval town of Eze…a settlement literally on top of a mountain (or large hill). Awesome views from up there! As well as an awesome set of roads to get to it.


Oh and this was a 1 second exposure inside a church…steady hands or what? Nah actually it was rested on a reading stand that I borrowed.

So there you have it, a little teaser on what I got up. I will be doing a few more blog posts in the near future to show in more detail some of the areas that I visited. For now, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.