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Postcards from Salou

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A few weeks ago I went on a family holiday with my Mum & Dad, my sister and her boyfriend as well as my girlfriend Amy. We went to Salou, Spain, near Tarragona and Barcelona. It was for much need R&R style holiday and we were treated to an all inclusive hotel which was part of Port Aventura, a massive theme park. A great way to blow off some steam after a few solid weeks a work. Other than fill our faces with a seemingly unlimited amount of food we did manage to drag ourselves from the resort and do some exploring. We went to Barcelona and to Tarragona for a bit of culture. Whilst there I was also updating my instagram page with shots straight from my camera using the eyefi mobi pro card and editing with VSCOcam

Hear are some postcards I took to help paint the picture.






























It was a great time, I feel much rested and look slightly browner after absorbing a years supply of vitamin D.

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Somerset House

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So what do you when you go to Somerset House? Well this weekend Amy and I headed down to the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition thanks to Park Cameras. The exhibition had some stunning pieces and some great photo-journalistic pieces. I didn’t photograph all of my favourites as I think it kind of spoils the point. I’ll be honest if I hadn’t had to do some weekend overtime at the studio and there wasn’t as many people there, I would have spent wayyyy more time looking around there. SO what else happened? Well someone got engaged (aww/puke – delete as appropriate) and I photographed some water. We also went for some coffee in the lovely (if rather expensive) Fernandez & Wells (it wasn’t that pricey). We rounded off the trip by taking some outfit photos for Amy’s blog

somerset_house_002 somerset_house_003 somerset_house_005 somerset_house_006 somerset_house_007 somerset_house_008 somerset_house_009 somerset_house_010 somerset_house_011 somerset_house_012SHOOTINGDAVE





This weekend the Girl and I went down to Brighton, I’ve not been since I did the London to Brighton bike ride a few years ago. The weather was kinda crappy but it was cool to have a mooch around somewhere different. I also rented a Canon 17-40mm f/4 L USM from LensLocker to take for a walk around. Now not all of the photos you will see are taken with the wide zoom but my 50mm f/1.4 USM (I never leave home without it). I still don’t know how well I get a long with zoom lenses, they are cool and they are useful but I often end up just twisting it to the one extreme or the other and leaving it there…kind of makes me just want to use a wide angle prime instead. The 17-40L is pretty cool, it behaves well, no flare and no CA…I don’t know if I love it. It’s one of those lenses that I need rather than want. What wide angle lenses do you use?




Panic on the streets of London


…well not really panic, more mild anxiety. Actually not even that. Saturday London was strangely subdued, Brick Lane was quiet, Spitalfields was practically empty and Shoreditch was a ghost town. To the East Londoners credit, it was about noon and I doubt they would have risen from the payday fuelled hangovers.
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_001I met up with fellow #Fueltographers Phil (Paps) and James (Lowmileage) as well as our friend Brad in North London. We grabbed a coffee before making our way East with me acting as the clueless tour guide.
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_005I’ll admit it had been far too long since I had shot on the streets and this was the first time with the new set-up. Feeling the benefits of group mentality I opted to shoot with a 50mm on the 5D3 instead of cowering in the long-range comfort of the 135L on a crop body. This required me to get much, much closer to my subjects. To the point where I could almost reach out and touch them. (I didn’t, I’m not weird).
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_012And it was after warming up through Shoreditch/Brick Lane I realised something, no one gives a toss if you point a camera at them! Conclusion; East London is full of posers! I am of course kidding Eastenders, no need to take your wayfarers off and stare ironically at me.
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_013I took the guys down to Spitalfields Market which is often bathed in soft diffused light with loads of layers and nice backgrounds. Although all three of them got distracted by a man steaming a hat.
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_014Afterwards we headed down towards London Bridge, stopped off at a coffee shop to grab something to eat. Which incidentally was a rookie mistake as after lunch we went to Borough Market…!
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_016We took some photos of each other and then of some cheese…
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_017Before marching down to South Bank to search out some skateboarders.
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_018Found Cantona’s Dad on the way…
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_019…and a Utd fan dreaming of former glory days. (Wow that was odd, two football references in one blog, very unlike me).
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_021At the South Bank we found some skaters but it wasn’t exciting enough for us to stay, plus the weather looked as if it was closing in.
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_024We started heading in towards Soho as the light was fading. We stopped off at a pub to decide where to head off to next. We decided the right thing to do was try and bully James into buying a 400mm f/2.8 lens from Nikon so we headed off to Park Cameras on Oxford Circus.
panic_on_the_streets_of_london_025As we arrived on Oxford Circus, it pissed it down. Hardest rain I have felt in a long time! Hence no more photos. It was a good day, I think we all gained some confidence in street shooting and I learnt not to hide behind long focal lengths.