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Team Bonkers

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When you get the opportunity to do a photoshoot with a dragster you basically have two options. You either take it somewhere completely out of context, or you shoot it at Santa Pod. I did the latter. I love shoots like this, good light, relaxed atmosphere and plenty of time to get what you need. I’ll show you my favourite shots in this blog but if you want to read the full write up then head on over to #FUELTOPIA. Thanks for Santa Pod for letting me use the main strip.




British Drift Championship Round 1 – Lydden Hill

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The weekend of the 13th and 14th of April saw the British Drift Championship return to Lydden Hill in Kent for round 1 of the coming championship. A weekend I have been eagerly awaiting since Round 4 last year – the last drifting event I shot.

I was eager to get back on track get my shutter speeds down nice and low. I also wanted to try different spots around Lydden Hill to photograph the cars (Typically I would stay in the centre of the track). My fellow #Fueltographer James (Lowmileage) Tremain and I used Saturday’s practice session to scope out the angles. I was pleased to shoot from a few different vantage points and get used to shooting in different ways. It was a pleasant learning curve.

It did however make me really want a 70-200mm lens which in my opinion is the optimal lens for the track. I also found that I really need to get a CPL filter for my 135L to cut through reflections and also help stop down the ambient light.

You can see a selection of photos from the event on my flickr page or you can see the full set on my facebook page. But let me show you something different. As you know, when panning you take a few photos, trying to get the car at the best angle and to also get some banker shots. Well I found that these can often show the full movement of the car.

I have therefore made a few animated gifs from the events:

Some people were struggling with the clipping points…


And getting quite wide but with a nice angle!



Below you can see that I actually bottle it as the car kicks up the gravel in our direction. (Trust me, it hurts)


Some people gave each other a helping hand around some of the corners…


Some drivers enthusiasm was admirable but they ran this risk of parking it in the gravel…


And I leave you with the SATS Motorsport Surpa…because…POWERRRRRRRR


Well there you are, I will post more from the season if I get any more.




Image Breakdown: Lotus

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I shot this outside my flat at a time when I only had 1 flash unit. Naturally that isn’t quite enough to light up a whole car in a single exposure. So I had to do multiple exposure. I thought I would show you how it was done.

lotusThanks for watching,



Image Breakdown: SLS AMG

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Pretty much a year ago I shot this image! I shot it at Mercedes World near Woking. I have to say I normally like to get things as close to the final image in camera as possible but with this image, well that just wan’t possible.

Here is a animated gif showing you the progression of the image over about 4 hours in photoshop.


Essentially it was a lot clone stamping, heal tool, paint brush and masking. I don’t think I would want to do this much retouching just to get an image again. But it is nice to know that I can if I need to.

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