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New Year, New Coffee

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And so we step into a New Year full of ambition and hope, each of us armed with a list as long as our arm of things we are going to do, stop doing and change. It really is an exciting prospect having a clean slate on which we can all start again and pardon the mistakes of the past year. I am not going to sit here and list of a self indulgent list of things I want to change about myself. Instead I am going to offer you one more thing to add to your list. If you’re struggling with your list then you can have this one on me, it’s free! It is simply drink coffee, or rather drink decent coffee! (Unless you hate coffee in which case, there are some pretty pictures below which I will tell you how I created).


But seriously nothing boils my blood faster than people saying “I love a good cup of coffee!” yet they make it with instant coffee! Often consumed by the gallon purely for the caffeine kick it offers. I won’t go into the effects of drinking too much caffeine as this is not a health blog but I feel you should drink less coffee and savour it! Make time to make to make good coffee. Drink more water and drink better coffee. Trust me, you will feel more alert.


I have an Aeropress at work and now, thanks to my sister, I have one at home too! An Aeropress is probably the easiest step to take to making better coffee. Essentially it is a big plunger that uses air to push hot water and ground coffee through a filter into your cup. Literally takes about 3 minutes to make. 3 minutes! So for those of you concerned that you might need some sort of degree or need to be a fully qualified barista to make good coffee at home, well you are wrong. Now about the coffee, I like Workshop Coffee but you can go into any coffee shop, speak to a Barista about what type of coffee you like and they should be able to recommend some for you. They will even grind it for you! It is really that simple! Then you can impress all your friends about how you know about coffee and how you can make coffee yourself – all the while remaining smug as it really is quite simple with an Aeropress.


Enough about the coffee, some of you might have been interested in how I went about taking this shot. No? Well it is a strobist shot. Which essentially means I used a flash gun to light the shot, or part of it. Above is a shot with no flash gun, it is just ambient light. I was taking shot like this to test composition and find the ambient light. Once I was happy with what would be in shot I put it in on a tripod. (I use a Manfrotto tripod, the 055XPROB one to be precise with a 498RC2 head).


I liked the warm glow coming from the lamp on the right so I used a custom white balance of 5000K to accentuate it. I then used a 1/2 stop CTB colour correction gel on the flash to bring the out the natural colours on the mug and the packet. If I didn’t do this, the flash would appear too warm and make the colours of the subjects look false.


It got quite cramped in my tiny little London kitchen but here is a setup shot. To diffuse the flash, so we don’t get harsh shadows, I put it inside my Westcott Apollo 28″ Softbox. This is probably my favourite light modifier I use as it allows me control the light and stop it spilling about all over the place. It also creates an amazing quality of light and produces really nice shadows and light falloff. If I was to use a shoot-through umbrella, some of the light would come out of the front and some of it would come out of the back bouncing around my compact kitchen causing it tint the colour in undesired areas.


Here is another look at the setup. The flash inside my softbox is a Canon 430EX II at 1/32 Power. It was triggered by my Hahnel Combi TF triggers. I used a Canon TC-80N3 remote to fire the camera so I didn’t disturb it whilst taking the shots. The Camera settings were: 1/15 Sec – f/2.0 – ISO 250 – on a Canon 5D MkIII with a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Hope you found this of some interest.



Tweat Up #NationalBurgerDay


Tweat Up played host to what can only be described as the single BEST event I have ever been too… #NationalBurgerDay

Sat in the lap of Battersea Power Station were 12 of the best burger joints from across the land serving what can only be described as meat porn. Fellow #Fueltographer Phil “Paps” McCusker had snagged some tickets and asked me if I wanted to go. We both knew the answer to that question. I needed very little persuading. In recent years Burgers have overtaken Fajitas and Pizza in my favourite kind of food. I literally couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Armed with my 5D and my olloclip I made a B line straight for the event straight after work. Naturally the event had attracted a lot of other people, when I arrived after work there were queues that were at least 30 minutes long for any of the 12 burger stands. Luckily, with good company and Meantime Beer on tap this wasn’t much of an issue. Anyway, here is some pictures of meat…


















Foodies Festival

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Good food, good beer and good company… there ain’t much more that you need in life. Amy and I had the pleasure of having our good friends down from Scotland. We went down to Foodies Festival and found a seat then Clive and I went out and did laps collecting food to try out whilst Amy and Kate devoured tea and cake. Here are some pictures…

























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On bank holiday weekend I went up to Birmingham to go hang out with some friends, have a BBQ and drink some beers. This was not going to be a photographic trip but I took some little snaps along the way. When I got there we checked out this new place in Birmingham called Pure Bar and Kitchen all I can see is, go there. Seriously.

birmingham_001 birmingham_002 birmingham_003 birmingham_005 birmingham_006 birmingham_007 birmingham_009 birmingham_010 birmingham_011 birmingham_012 birmingham_013 birmingham_014 birmingham_015SHOOTINGDAVE



Ozone Coffee Roasters

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Recently I rediscovered a little treasure hidden in the East of London. It goes under the name of Ozone.


Now I am no stranger to Ozone, I have been once before with the talented Rick Nunn and Sam Taylor. Upon returning I was quickly reminded why I should frequent this place more often.


First off, the place is massive for a Coffee Shop, the building is stunning, a mixture of impressive materials and textures. You can just tell that a lot of thought went into this place. Second, the staff, they are super polite and knowledgeable about the food and drink they serve. They also know how to make a nice glass of black stuff…


Then comes the food! My GOD – the food! NOM – it is pretty good. I had baked eggs and I will get chastised for saying this but I have never had baked eggs before. Needless to say I will again.


So there you have it. Go visit. Or don’t and then regret it forever!