So you stumbled across my blog and you are probably wondering why you should stay and keep coming back for more. Well let me tell you why.

There are many photography blogs out there but this one will take you behind the scenes. I will show you reviews on camera gear, lighting gear as well as places to eat and drink. I will take you with me on my journeys, you’ll get to see motorsport from the other side of the safety barrier. I will answer any questions you might have a long the way, I’ll even give a break down on how somethings are done. You can see past projects that I have done like Project50 and Project52 and who knows, when I finally stop shooting motorsport I may even do another photo project.

Seeing as this is supposed to be about me, I’ll give a glimpse into my world. I am an Automotive CGI Artist working in the heart of London. Photography was a hobby and now is more of a second job for me. I shoot for a few agencies including Offbeat Network and Fueltopia. Occasionally my work has appeared on Monster Energy’s site but you can find most of it on my facebook page.

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