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Postcards from Sweden & Norway


Well, this blogging thing hasn’t exactly gone as planned this year, this in fact my first post of 2017.

So for those of you who have stuck around, I appreciate it and I will try and get as much content out as I can. I will explain more about the absence later on. For now, here are some postcards from my trip to Norway and Sweden in late January of this year.

There is an event called Gatebil which I visit every year in Norway, you can read about it here, and here. This is a summer event held in both Norway and Sweden over a couple of months. They also hold an event in the winter called “Gatebil on Ice” which takes place, as you might have guessed, on ice. A frozen lake to accurate. Ever since I have heard about it I have always wanted to go and finally this was going to be my year to go, or so I thought. One week out from the event they cancelled due to lack of sufficient snow fall. With flights all booked and too short of a notice to cancel the AirB’n’B we couldn’t cancel the trip. Disappointment hit but we decided not to lose money but to take it up as a many break. Sadly my better half Amy couldn’t make it as she wasn’t booked on the original trip and flight prices were too much to afford at that time of year. SO this would be a trip with me and a few other photographer friends. We were staying in a picturesque wooden lodge in Bograngen near the Norwegian boarder which was quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Perfect, well almost, I didn’t have Amy with me.

So here are the pictures, the one with the parting in the trees is the Norwegian/Sweden boarder, I love how they show the divide. The picture above is one of the few clear nights we had above our lodge. The reason for there being so few pictures is that I had lost my about 60% of my files when my hard drive failed. I will get into that in another blog.

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  1. We defiantly have to make a return visit. These photographs are magical!


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