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Having a Bite of the Big Apple

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Hungry? No? Well let me see if I can change that for you. I am going to show you some places to go and get great food in New York City. This blog won’t include any burgers, if you want that then check out Burgers of New York and why not catch up on Postcards from New York & Postcards from New York II.


Let’s kick things off with the pancakes from Empire Diner over on 210 10th Ave. This is food for doing stuff on. Had this for breakfast before smashing an average of 10 miles a day walking around the city. Big thumbs up from me.


This was also a big favourite of Amy’s. The staff were funny and friendly in there too. It also had that sort of classic diner vibe about it.


Sticking with the Diner theme, we also visited the Brooklyn Diner where I smashed down a massive plate of Huevenos Rancheros, this is my favourite breakfast I have ever had. FACT! Go check it out at 155W 43rd St – just off of Time Sq.


Although Amy’s omelette did look pretty damn fine, I am calling the Rancheros the all out winner. Everyone around the table had big envious eyes. Oh and just so you know, I could barely move afterwards. It was that big!

nyc_079Over to Brooklyn now, you’ll spot a few Guacuco’s  around. This place sorts you out with some Venezuelan food. I know what you’re thinking, I ain’t ever had Venezuelan food before either.


Well leave your doubts at the door my friend. The Arepas are what it is all about! Little Venezuelan sandwiches with a range of fillings. These are perfect for a little bite on the go and for what they lack in size, the make up in taste!


I really wish they had some of these in London, I reckon they’d go down a storm!

There are a few other places that are worth mentioning which I didn’t get any pictures of. One I really loved was House of Lasagna which, you guessed it, does unbelievable Lasagna. They claim to do “the best Lasagna in NYC” and they ain’t fucking about.


I went to this standard diner, can’t for the life of me remember what it was called but these Macaroni Cheese bites were brilliant!


Whilst over in Brooklyn we also went to Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos which is a Tortellia factory. What you see above is what they feed their workers in the canteen. It is so good, they open the doors to the public. Fresh as you like!


FRESHBITES is a brand new, and I mean brand new, we stumbled upon it on it’s opening day, healthy take out place. Their food is banging! The owners are super cool and they have this slick industrial feel to the place. Also I have never had brussel sprouts that tasted so good!


Our final meal before jumping on the jet was at Pershing Square, the busiest diner in NYC. It also made a brief appearance in Avengers! If it is good enough for Ironman, it is good enough for me! Fancy, upmarket and a little expensive, the place does deliver in quality. It’s pricing may have something to do that it is literally over the road from Grand Central Station.

Well there you have it. I missed so many other meals off including some amazing street food. But sometimes you just gotta eat, you know?


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