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Around Christmas time last year, Amy and I went up to Oxford to meet her Dad to exchange gifts. I have only been to Oxford once before and I could barely remember the city as I was walking around. However it was like rediscovering it all over again. I’ll be up front about this, Oxford is beautiful!




Walking around I kept finding myself mouthing “this is so nice”. I am not sure why I was surprised, people rave about the place so much. I even have a few friends that live there and they are full of nothing but praise. I wonder if the reason for not visiting when I was growing up is due to where I am from. Originally from South East Kent, a town called Broadstairs, we had Canterbury nearby which was like our own old pretty city. I wonder if this made me feel like I didn’t need to see another one.




Whatever the reason, I feel like I have to go back. I think I only scratched the surface of what Oxford had to offer. I think I spotted at least a hundred pubs which I need to discover. I need to take my single speed up for a spin there too as everyone was happily cycling about.




I am not sure if the crisp air was getting a little too much for me but I was even thinking that I would like to live in a city like this!




Anyway, enough of my ramblings, let me know if you have anywhere in Oxford I should check out, as I am definitely going back!



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  1. Zappi’s Bike Cafe – you would love it! The Modern Baker in Summertown is also awesome if you feel like a walk out there. Objects of Use is a must see for interesting ‘bits-and-bobs’ and the covered market behind there is perfect for some window shopping


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