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Honest Burgers


2014 it would seem was the Year of the Burger and you really didn’t have to travel far to find a good one. Sprawled across London there are plenty of places to satisfy your cravings for beef complete with pretty much any topping you can imagine. So when Honest Burgers announced in 2014 that they would be opening a branch in Tooting (where I live), I could not have been happier.


Typically, getting a decent burger would happen whilst I was either in Central or East London meaning I was pretty much out all day. But now with Honest Burgers literally down the road for me, I can pop out for a break from blogging or editing to get my burger fix.


So far myself and Amy have only been twice but both times I have had the special burgers; a Mexican quesadilla burger and the Christmas burger whilst she had the classic cheese burger. Put it this way, I think you would be hard pressed to go wrong with whatever you choose.


What I liked about the stores is the sense of branding they have, carrying on the story of the pop-up shop they started in 2010. The shops are permanent but have the same type of tactile materials and rustic feel you would expect to find in a pop-up stall. A smart move and it clearly pays off.






I mentioned the “special burgers” that they offer, well these aren’t permanent so make sure you follow Tom from Honest Burgers on twitter to keep up to date as to what is coming next. Personally I am looking forward to sampling the Indian Burger!



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  1. Looking at this post has me craving for a burger fix!! I reckon we should go back this weekend while my parents are down as they would like it too! Great photographs, you’ve really captured the essence of the place!


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