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The Music Cube

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A while back myself and Amy went down Westfield at Stratford to take part in the Music Cube. We were given minimal information, just a time slot and a date. All we know about the event was that it was a slight twist on the silent disco concept.


The idea behind it was that there would be an artist, in a sound proof cube, and we would be standing out it listening through a set of rather tasty Sennheiser URBANITE headphones. The dance floor that we were standing on would also pulse and vibrate to the music. I was expecting full on earth quake scale vibrations but the slick thing was, they were subtle enough for you not to realise. The idea was to get you to dance by feeling the music.




Now as you might have gathered the artist was the talented and super cute Chloe Howl. I have to hand it to her, she sounded awesome, super clean sound and a tight band.









So what was the experience like? Did the concept work? Well it isn’t quite the same as being at an actual gig BUT… the vibrating dance floor got moving, the sound was incredible. It was more like standing in the studio with the artist, the sound was so clean that it didn’t matter where you stood on the dance floor. Personally I loved shooting through the glass with all the reflections. I thought it made for some interesting shots. I also think shooting a singer is pretty cool, lots of emotion and expression going on. What did you think?




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