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Somerset House

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So what do you when you go to Somerset House? Well this weekend Amy and I headed down to the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition thanks to Park Cameras. The exhibition had some stunning pieces and some great photo-journalistic pieces. I didn’t photograph all of my favourites as I think it kind of spoils the point. I’ll be honest if I hadn’t had to do some weekend overtime at the studio and there wasn’t as many people there, I would have spent wayyyy more time looking around there. SO what else happened? Well someone got engaged (aww/puke – delete as appropriate) and I photographed some water. We also went for some coffee in the lovely (if rather expensive) Fernandez & Wells (it wasn’t that pricey). We rounded off the trip by taking some outfit photos for Amy’s blog

somerset_house_002 somerset_house_003 somerset_house_005 somerset_house_006 somerset_house_007 somerset_house_008 somerset_house_009 somerset_house_010 somerset_house_011 somerset_house_012SHOOTINGDAVE


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  1. Thanks for taking me to the exhibition, that series of wet dog photographs were my favorite by far, so funny! You’ve really captured our day out perfectly and stunningly as always!!


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