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Shoreditch Fashion Show


Event photography is not normally my forte but shooting a fashion event with a band playing is something that piqued my interest.



Having a production light rig set-up to compliment the band and the models really was a treat. So much atmosphere and drama.



By the way, this event was dark, REAL DARK! In fact it was the first time that I had used my camera above ISO800! On my 50D, I hate shooting above ISO640 so when I had to shoot at ISO3200 I was concerned about the amount of noise that would be present.



I ended up really enjoying this kind of photography, it was nice to learn something new, it is good to be forced out of your comfort zone.


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Automotive CGI Artist and Photographer

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  1. You’ve really captured the vibe of the show, looks like a great night. Sad I missed it!


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