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New Year…New Gear


I can literally think of no better way to start 2014 than breaking into the full frame world…

New Year New GearNow the weather has been SHIT! I am itching to go out and use this thing! So far I have had to make do with just taking photos of it as you can see above and on my instagramHowever I did manage to sneak it out in the pouring rain on New Years Eve and took it to a local coffee shop.


We took the little man down there as well. Needless to say he got soaked. Here a few photos from the outing…I know they aren’t that interesting.







Obviously I cannot come to any decent conclusions as yet but from first experiences… it is so nice to have a 50mm be a 50mm again! Also low-light performance, what can I say, I actually have low-light performance now! The 50D wasn’t exactly a massive fan of shooting in the dark, at all.


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  1. Love the new camera and how wide it is, also nice new blog layout!


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