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Hicklin Wedding

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Way back in the summer this year (2013) I shot a wedding for the lovely couple that is Rob and Krysten. Rob and I have known each other through twitter as he and I are both 3D Artist. We met at each other’s places of work a few times. When the news of his proposal got around he kindly asked if I would be his photographer. Naturally I was more than happy to oblige. Here a few snap shots from the day.

hicklin_wedding_001 hicklin_wedding_002 hicklin_wedding_003 hicklin_wedding_004 hicklin_wedding_005 hicklin_wedding_006 hicklin_wedding_007 hicklin_wedding_008 hicklin_wedding_009 hicklin_wedding_010 hicklin_wedding_011 hicklin_wedding_012 hicklin_wedding_013 hicklin_wedding_014


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