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Monaco Baby!


Monaco Baby!

With Formula 1 returning to Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix this week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you some of my pictures from my visit.monaco_buildings_01monaco_buildings_02
You have lavish buildings…

…Lavish cars…


…and of course the amazing circuit!


Whilst walking around I had to do a little bit panning, it just had to be done! People on mopeds everywhere!


It does seem like the most sensible way to get around and the French seem to make it look so cool.


Needless to say, Amy and I had a great time



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  1. I had a blast! Lets go back now!! Also when we watch the race this weekend we can see where we walked!!! x


  2. The dessert and the cars looked tres magnifique but the apartments?! Stacked with no sense of creativity. No wonder the fashion is spectacular!


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