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POPBANGCOLOURFor those who didn’t see Popbangcolour at the VolksWorld show on the 23rd and 24th of March, you missed out. BIG TIME!

POPBANGCOLOURMy first introduction to Ian was through a fellow “Fueltographer” Dan Fegent. His brother had bought him some prints which he posted to intagram. I had to find out straight away who the artist was. I needed this stuff in my life. So when of the rest of the Fueltopia gang met up at the Ace Cafe for the Ken Block meet and greet I was told by Nick Williams of NWVT Photography to make sure I bumped into Ian Cook of Popbangcolour when I attended the VolksWorld Show.

POPBANGCOLOURSo naturally – I had to pop down and say hey. I sat and watched from the crowd of people that had swarmed around him to watch him work. I can honestly say I have never seen anyone paint like this before and pull it off so well!

POPBANGCOLOURFor those who aren’t in the “know” this guy doesn’t use brushes. No no no no.

POPBANGCOLOURThis guys uses RC cars! Oh  yeah! That and their tyres and I think I even saw a spoon being used at one point. As you can see he also requires a fair amount of space to get his work done. This makes it all the more impressive though.

POPBANGCOLOURFor it allows you to walk around and set it evolve from every angle! I could have literally stayed there for hours and watched him. In fact I did. I got myself a beer and watched him drive away on his canvas with a perpetual sense of amazement and bewilderment. After a while I just had to say hello, explain that I am not a lunatic and that he knows a few of my friends. In fact he was painting one and had just finished another of my friends photos.

POPBANGCOLOURAnd here you can see him in front of his finished piece that was Nick’s photo. So if you see him at any future shows, be sure to go and say hello! He is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to talk to!



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  1. What a talented guy! Love his art work, also great photos! x


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