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Ken Block at the Ace Cafe

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Ken Block

On Friday the 22nd of March, Ken Block went down to the Ace Cafe in London to show off his brand new GRC Ford Fiesta.

Ken Block 01

It was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the legendary tyre slayer’s car!

Ken Block 02

Ken Block 07

And not to mention to grab a signed poster from the man himself! I love the fact that he just casually walked into the cafe and was caught here having a chat with the famous Ace Cafe owner.

Ken Block 04

He soon, was whisked off upstairs as it was pretty obvious he was about to be mobbed by the excitable crowd.

Ken Block

He then returned to his post and was signing posters to be handed to the queue of fans. I even saw people getting their shoes signed!

I have to say, I am a proper fan of Ken Block! I was a little star struck seeing him inches away from me. I was pretty thrilled that I even managed to get a poster and an autograph, as well as a handshake. I hope the next time I see him, is in action!

Ken Block 06

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