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VolksWorld Show 2013


I always enjoyed going to car shows as a spectator but as a photographer….eeehhh it’s a little tougher. Lots of people, horrible lighting, low light, tight spaces and hard to get decent isolation on a car.

So on one hand, I was super excited (as I love old VW’s) but also a little apprehensive. I was a little concerned at how my images would come out.

THAT being said…I am really happy.

VolksWorld Show

What separates these cars apart isn’t the overall look of the car but the tiny details that contribute to the overall appearance.

VolksWorld Show

These cars are so personal and individual that you simply can’t just select a favourite from the crowd.

VolksWorld Show

You really need to consider all of the details the owners have put into the cars, see the labour of love that is their car.

VolksWorld Show

And it is a labour of love. From talking to the owners of these cars, they didn’t simply drive down to the event.

VolksWorld Show

Each journey was an adventure, a challenge, a pilgrimage – surrounded by their buddies and helping each other.

VolksWorld Show

And that’s what I love about this community. These events might be laid on by sponsors and magazines but essentially it is a bunch of mates meeting up to show off how old their cars are.

I love that.

If you want to see more – there is plenty more photos over on my pageĀ


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