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A Date with a Dragster.

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January 6th 2013: the day starts like any other normal work day, waking up to black skied London. At 6:45am, most people would just be waking up, ready to start their journey to work just like any other day…

Except this isn’t any normal work day. This is a Sunday. Why on earth am I getting up at this time on a Sunday? Well, I have a date! As I make my way across London and write this, two things become clear; I need caffeine and I need a tripod bag. My journey today will first take me to Slough where I will rendezvous with fellow Fueltographer, Dan Fegent. From there we will be heading up to Santa Pod, a first for me and already the adrenaline is surging!

Meeting Dan at Slough with a big smile and good handshake we loaded the car and got on our way. The closer we got, the bigger my smile.
As we arrived, were greeted by Perry who had his MG on the trailer waiting at the gates for us. Hand shakes all around and it was time to get started.

MGB Arachnophobia

Dan and I started warming up and unloading our gear whilst the lads got the car off of the trailer. Then a clap thunder boomed across the skies, or it might as well have been, it was Perry’s monster spluttering into life. Who doesn’t love that chunky V8 burble!?

MGB Engine

Perry’s particular beast is Rover 3.9 V8 that has been bored and stroked to 4.8 litres. It then has a Supercharger from a Sherman tank bolted to it. I like I think that some of the Tank’s soul has been bolted to it in the process. It then has a shot of NOS as if it needed it!

It was so nice to see so much of the original shape of this car remain considering it’s massive overhauling!

MGB InteriorBecause despite it’s insane looks, this is thing is actually road legal! Imagine seeing this pull up next to you at the lights! It would shock the hell out of you! But it is really here, at Santa Pod where this thing look at home. And would you just look at those lines!

MGB Side

Car in position we started with some warm up shots and then moved onto two more locations ending on the strip itself!

A Day At The Pod

MGB Twin Shot

MGB Rear 3/4

And that was it, time to thank everyone for coming down and pack up.

On the journey home and whilst editing these photos I couldn’t help but feel massive sense of pride. Today had gone completely without a hitch, we got to get up close and personal with a very special car at a very special location. Which we had all to ourselves! I doubt that I will get the opportunity to shoot in this scenario again but I certainly hope I do.

Today really was a brilliant way to kick off my New Year. Last year photography felt like a chore but this was so fluid and comfortable and relaxing. Nothing more than getting the car in position, finding nice angles and controlling the reflections. No additional lighting was required just photographer and car…

It was brilliant.

MGB Burnout

I’d like to thank Perry Stephenson for helping me organise the shoot and for blogging us such an amazing venue. Thanks also to Dan Fegent who helped immensely and also for driving. (I need to get some wheels again). And last but by no means least I’d like to thank Jimmy for getting me the contact!

So here’s to you Fueltopia! Hopefully we will have many more shoots like this.

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