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Ozone Coffee Roasters

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Recently I rediscovered a little treasure hidden in the East of London. It goes under the name of Ozone.


Now I am no stranger to Ozone, I have been once before with the talented Rick Nunn and Sam Taylor. Upon returning I was quickly reminded why I should frequent this place more often.


First off, the place is massive for a Coffee Shop, the building is stunning, a mixture of impressive materials and textures. You can just tell that a lot of thought went into this place. Second, the staff, they are super polite and knowledgeable about the food and drink they serve. They also know how to make a nice glass of black stuff…


Then comes the food! My GOD – the food! NOM – it is pretty good. I had baked eggs and I will get chastised for saying this but I have never had baked eggs before. Needless to say I will again.


So there you have it. Go visit. Or don’t and then regret it forever!

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