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Maxxis British Drift Championship: Round 4 – Lydden Hill


First things first, Lydden Hill rocks! FACT!

I have been coming to Lydden Hill ever since I was a kid, mainly to watch Rally Cross. The Drift Event in question was therefore going to be a special one. So like an idiot, I turned up hungover.

DON’T WORRY! Nothing serious amounts of horespower and tire smoke cannot cure!

The adrenaline soon kicked and once I again I was standing in the middle of a track with cars hurtling themselves at impossible angles into the corners, linking them together and then screaming down the track to finish the short but brutal battle. This is Lydden Hill, this is the British Drift Championship and it is good to be back!

I have always been a big motorsport and car fan but there is something quite special about the controlled hooliganism that is drifting. I say “controlled” as there is no way you can do what they do by accident!

Standing in the middle of the track is a great feeling, the sound undulates as the exhaust is blasted at you then bounced off of the surround hills at Lydden. The tire smoke then wafts over you like fog.

Enough talking I let some of the pictures do the talking…

This was my first time covering the British Drift Championship and I have to say it was a lot of fun. This was my second drift event I never realised how a different a track could be to photograph from the other. It was great to be back at Lydden, being familiar with the track layout, walking out onto the track for the first time was a bit of a buzz too! I have literally seen thousands of cars race here and I have a lot of fond memories. I also found out what it feels like to get rained on by the gravel trap… I’ll save you the effort of finding out for yourself, it hurts.

I was really happy with how the day turned out, even if I was hungover and sunburnt haha. There is nothing like standing in the middle of a track with familiar faces, shooting these awesome machines! I met more of the guys from fueltopia who are accepting me into their talented family and I will hopefully be doing a lot more for them in the future! Thanks guys.

Now there are more images over on my flickr page which I suggest you go and check them out:

Also if you like what you see and want to keep up to date with more of what is going on then why not become a fan:

And be sure to head over to fueltopia for more coverage from this event:

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