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You make recognise the name “ShootingDave” from here, here or even here. Well now it is on wordpress too! Great huh!

Well this is not to be used a portfolio site like the others, this is for the more…uh…technical aspects of photography and for the more in depth features. So, what does that mean? Well lucky for you I will tell you.

I will be showing a lot of the photos that don’t make the cut on here, providing that they are worthy of residing on the internet. I will be also sharing more information about the behind the scenes on photoshoots as well as lighting diagrams and outtakes. If you are lucky and I surely mean “IF” I might even share some beads of wisdom when it comes to photoshop.

And for those of you that have been living under a rock until recent, I will be doing a full feature on this:

That’s right, on here I will be talking about my experience from the whole day as well as sharing a boat load of photos. You really should be excited about this! Unless you hate cars…and fun! In which case you should force yourself to like it marvel at my awesome photo taking skills!

Well that’s all for now. Until next time!

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Automotive CGI Artist and Photographer

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